2024 Pelorus Trust supported Zone Events 

Thanks to the continued generosity of funding granted by the Pelorus Trust, the full stadium court costs at Akau Tangi Sports Centre will be  covered for 2024.  Importnat to NB without this funding it is highly likely that these zone sports events would not be able to be offered and 1000's of children would miss out.

Western Zone Schools - Miniball

Tues 21 May 2024

Miniball  x7 courts (x48 hours)

PSW Eastern Zone Schools -  Miniball Tournament              

Thurs 27 June 2024  

x6 courts (x24 hours)   

​​​​​​​PSW Central Zone Schools - Winter Festival.

Monday 29 July 2024

x8 courts (x32 hours)                                                                                                                 

The PSW Central Zone Schools Winter Festival is organised in partnership with Wellington East Girl’s College Year 12 Health and Physical Education students.  These students organise all the activities for the Year 5 & 6 students attending from the PSW Central Zone Schools in order to gain NCEA Level 2 Unit Standards.

Eastern Zone Schools - Netball Tournament

Wed 7 August 2024

x12 courts (48 hours)      

PSW Southern Zone Schools - Miniball Tournament

20 August 2024

x8 courts (x32 hours)                                                                                          

This will be the inaugural Miniball Tournament for the PSW Southern Zone Schools.  Thank you to the fudnuing received from the Pelorus Trust PSW is able to offer it the the PSW Southern Zone Schools this year.                                                                                           

Eastern Zone Schools - Floorball Tournament

Wed 25 September 2024

x6 courts (x24 hours)