2023 PSW / Capital Football FUTSAL Festivals 

Akau Tangi Sports Centre, Kemp Street, Kilbirnie

Congratulations to the 35 schools who managed to register 256 teams across 3 days of FUTSAL at Akau Tangi Sports Centre.  While overall team registrations were slightly down from last year i.e. 7 teams overall, the number of schools who attended was up by 7 from the previous year.

And I do mean congratulations as for 2 of the days the registration process closed within 3 hours of being live.  The popularity of this sporting experience for the membership is truly amazing and I am sure there were plenty of schools that missed out.  

Sincere gratiutude to New Zealand Communtiy Trust for their generous funding.  The $8,316.00 funding grant covered this years court hire costs and assists schools to be able to attend, especially for the schools who have to pay for bus transport for their students.

A HUGE shout out to Capital Football who took charge of the registration process and draws allowing Primary Sport Wellington to focus on promotion and funding applications to cover the court hire.

Garry Szeto 

Director of Sport

Primary Sport Wellington

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The PSW/Capital Football FUTSAL Festivals will be offered over the following three days:

Tues 12 Sept Years 1 - 4 Futsal Festivals

Wed 13 Sept:  Years 1 - 6 FUTSAL Festivals 

Thurs 14 Sept Years 5 - 8 FUTSAL Festivals 

ALL information will be emailed to the PSW member schools at the beginning of Term 3.  School's are advised to keep an eye out for the information as history demonstrates that registrations have to be closed within 27 hours of schools receiving the information.  *Schools MUST be 2023 finanical members of PSW to be able to register and participate in these FUTSAL Festival offerings.

Important to NB the following:  

The Years 5 - 8 FUTSAL Festival is scheduled the same day as the PSW Inter Zone Swim Meet.  It is hoped that the close proximity of the venues will assist schools reliant on bus transport.   

Capital Football will be taking full responsibility of all the team registrations and draw creation for the 3 FUTSAL Festival offering's.  Primary Sport Wellington will take responsibility with all promotional communciation and applying for funding to cover court hire costs.

2022 PSW / Capital Football FUTSAL Festivals 

ASB Stadium, Kemp Street, Kilbirnie

Primary Sport Wellington has again partnered up with Capital Football and is pleased to advise that the FUTSAL Festivals will be offered to the PSW membership in 2022. 

At this years FUTSAL Festivals we set a new record number of teams participating with 263 teams playing from 28 PSW member schools.

26 Year 1 & 2 Teams 

101 Year 3 & 4 Teams 

88 Year 5 & 6 Teams 

48 Year 7 & 8 Teams across 3 grade offerings.

Interest for these FUTSAL Festivals was so great this year, that I had to close the registration process for 2 of 3 of the FUTSAL Festivals within 24 - 28 hours of promotion. 

This years FUTSAL Festivals had two important differences: 

Firstly, thanks to the generosity of Pelorus Trust who provided funding to cover the court hire costs for the 3 days, meant I was able to remove the $25 per team registration fee for schools to part take.    

Secondly, PSW / Capital Football FUTSAL Festivals were able to be offered over 3 separate days instead of 2. 

It was so satisfying to see just over 2,000 primary school aged children filloing up ASB Stadium over the 3 days.  The improvement observed as the children gained more confidence was fantastic and the sportsmanship on offer as they helped each other up when someone got knocked over was priceless.

Special acknowledgement to Todd Bryant and Libby Trevelyan and the Draw team at Capital Football for your continued partnership with offering these FUTSAL Festivals and to Pelorus Trust for the generous funding provided to hold these FUTSAL Festivals.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The PSW/Capital Football FUTSAL Festivals will be offered over the following three days:

Tues 13 Sept Years 1 - 4 Futsal Festivals

Wed 14 Sept:  Years 1 - 6 FUTSAL Festivals 

Thurs 15 Sept Years 5 - 8 FUTSAL Festivals 

Information will be emailed to the PSW membership schools at the beginning of Term 3.  School's are advised to keep an eye out for the information as history demonstrates that registrations have to be closed within 5 days of schools receiving the information.  *Schools MUST be 2022 finanical members of PSW to be able to register and participte in these FUTSL Festivals.


2021 PSW Futsal Festivals 

ASB Stadium, Kemp Street, Kilbirnie

Primary Sport Wellington and Capital Football offered and successfully organised the PSW / Capital Football FUTSAL Festivals on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th April.  29 schools and 250 teams registered for the 2 day offering and these FUTSAL Festivals are proving to be extremely popular with the PSW membership with the closing of team registations process within 5 days of promotion.

2020 PSW Futsal Festivals 

ASB Stadium, Kemp Street, Kilbirnie

Unfortunately in light of the Prime Minister's announcement on Tues 17th March and the government directive to cancel all public gatherings involving 500+ people a decision has been made to cancel both FUTSAL Festivals for 2020.

This decison is necessitated to help with the prevention and spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Keep safe everyone.

Yours in sport.

Garry Szeto 


Director of Sport

Primary Sport Wellington is pleased to partner up with Capital Football for the third year in a row to offer 2 FUTSAL festival opportunities to it's membership.  Thank you to the member schools both FUTSAL Festival opportunities have now CLOSED and I am expecting 250 teams over the two days to part take in this opportunity.

All 12 courts have been booked with a staggering 22 rounds of play per court.  In order to get through the number of rounds teams will need to be ready to take to the court on time as the clock will commence regardless.

First round games will commence promptly at 10am please ensure teams are here for the scheduled briefing and ready to take their respective court on time.

Tues 7 April Years 1 & 2 and Years 3 & 4 Festival.  Both grades are mixed teams.

Wed 8 April Years 5 & 6 mixed teams, Year 7 & 8 mixed teams, Year 7 & 8 Boys only, Year 7 & 8 Girls only grades.

​​​​​​​2019 PSW Futsal Tournaments 

ASB Stadium, Kemp Street, Kilbirnie

Year 5 - 8 Futsal Festival, 2 April.

Well done to the PSW membership schools, in total 237 teams have registered from 28 PSW schools for this years 2019 PSW/Capital Football FUTSAL Festivals.

119 teams for the Years 1 - 4 FUTSAL festival and 118 teams for the Year 5 - 8 grades.  That's an increase of 71 teams from last year inaugural festivals.

The unofficial feedback received from coaches, teachers, parents and attendees from both FUTSAL Festival offerings were the futsal festivals were an enjoyable experience with most teams playing at least six 10 minute games through out the days.  There was a range of skills and abilities observed throughout the day from seasoned futsal players to the first time players.  Seeing the children's improvement and understanding of the game as the day progressed was a wonderful thing to see.

NB A more formal survey will be sent to all schools  as well as where your children can play in FUTSAL leagues around Wellington's facilities.

Unfortunately St Brigid's School were unable to field their 5 teams registered in the Year 7 & 8 grades, due to not being able to book a bus or organise parent transport.  


NB Registrations have now closed

Click here  For first notification and event details

Click here  For Years 1 - 4 RAMS form

Click here For Years 5 - 8 RAMS form

2018 PSW Futsal Tournaments 

Approximately 1,500 children participated in two Futsal festivals held at ASB Stadium in Kilbirnie.  These tournaments were organised by PSW and Capital Football and proved to be very popular with attendees as the excitment level was maintained throughout the day by the children with some exceptional skill level observed at ALL grade levels.

Teams played between 7-9 games throughout the day and the children still had plenty of energy to burn at this world class venue.

Garry Szeto says "This is the first event that was opened up to children in it's member schools for Year 1 -3 students and many schools siezed the opportunity entering whole classes and syndicates.  The atmosphere over both tournaments was fabulous and the skill level exceptional.  Verbal feedback received from adults and children alike was overwhelming positive and I hope these children go onto play in the Futsal Leagues on offer in terms 2, 3 and 4.  I can not thank the team at Capital Football enough for their support and organisation extended to PSW o ensure the children received a quality sporting experience and I intend to make this a regular sporting fixture on the PSW calendar moving forward".

Garry Szeto

Director of Sport 

PSW is pleased to announce it has partnered up wtih Capital Football this year and is offering two FUTSAL tournaments at ASB Stadium, Kilbirnie.  

Tues 10th April Yrs 5 & 6, and Yrs 7 & 8

Thurs 12th April Yrs 1 & 2, and Yrs 3 & 4

EOI has closed and I have received the following team entries for the two tournaments on offer.

28 Teams Year 1 & 2 grade

49  team entries for the Year 3 & 4 grade

57 team entries for the Year 5 & 6 grade

32 team entries for the Year 7 & 8 grades spread across mixed, boys only and girls only sections.

Garry Szeto says "I'm very pleased with the interest from PSW member schools to take part in this Futsal Festival, 166 teams across two tournaments is a fantastic result given how busy term 1 is with school camps and other sporting opportunities on offer.  I am really looking forward in particular to seeing the Year 1-3 students in action as this is not normally an age range that PSW has catered for in the past".

Draws Years 1 & 2 AND Years 3 & 4 Click here

Draws Year 5 & 6 & Years 7 & 8 Click here

RAMS forms for both tournaments Click here

Updated and final tournament info as sent to registered schols 28 March Click here

2017 PSW Football Tournaments 

Due to refurbishment at Wakefield Park scheduled term 1, no PSW Football Tournament will be organised this year.


PSW Football Tournament Years 7 & 8
Tues 10 May 2016 Wakefield Park

29 Teams across 3 grades, Year 7 Mixed, Year 8 Mixed and Girls Year 7 & 8.

Two of the grades played on the artificial turf (Years 7 & 8 Girls and Year 8 Mixed) while the Year 7 Mixed grade played on the grass fields.

Over 300 Year 7 & 8 students arrived at Wakefield Park to participate in this football tournament.  The weather conditons upon arrival could not have been more perfect any outdoor sporting activity, no wind and high cloud but as the day progressed conditions got colder.

Garry Szeto event orgaiser says "Due to the fact that I needed to split the full football fields into two pitches per grade, as opposed to four,  as the players were bigger and faster then  from the previous tournament organised for Year 5 & 6's, meant there were a few more challenges presented with the organisation of the tournament.  The main one being I needed to find four larger sized goals suitable for this age group.  Solution came from Wellington City Council Push Play equipment where I hired four inflatable goals. Unfortunately one of the goals had a faulty valve which meant either a teacher/parent or more often then not the goalie had to keep on the goal they were defending and pump it up before it collapsed on them.  The same changes that were made for the Year 5 & 6 tournament i.e. no cross overs or finals were implemented for this tournament, again leading to a more relaxed tournament with pleny of skilled football games observed.  Thank you for another great day of football and an entertaining day of sport."

For game results click on the SportsRunner icon top right corner of the screen.

PSW Football Tournament Years 4 - 6
5 April 2016

Approximately 500 excited and enthusiastic Year 4-6 children arrived at Wakefield Park, Island Bay to part take in a participation based football tournament.

49 teams played across 4 grades:
Yr 4 Mixed, Yr 5 Mixed, Yr 6 Mixed and Yr 4-6 Girls.

Garry Szeto event organiser says: "There were changes made to this years tournament.  The most notable change was a decision made to not hold cross overs or finals.  I believe this made the tournament a more enjoyable sporting experience overall for the children that played as the results was not the be all and end all and games played were highly competitive but more relaxed atmosphere.  Having all games played on the artificial turf fields also made the management of the tournament a lot easier to find the teams that arrived late to their games."

This tournament would not have occured without the support of Capital Football who organised the draw, supplied match footballs for each field and Island Bay United Junior Football Club who allowed us the use of the junior goals for the day.  And of course the teachers and parents who entered and organised the teams for this tournament.

Well done everyone for contributing to an enjoyable day of sport.


PSW Football Tournament -Years 4 - 6

The Years 4-6 Football Tournament was held in near perfect conditions on 12 April 2011 . Because of the redevelopment of Wakefield Park, this tournament was held at MacAlister Park and as there were 63 teams in the various grades, both the upper and lower fields were used

Many thanks to Mark Legget from Roseneath School for running the upper field competition; Emma Humphries from Capital Football for her assistance with the smooth running of the tournament; Tom Randles from Capital Football and the staff from  Wellington City Council for their assistance with the setting up of the park; Jamie Milne and Island bay Junior Football Club for supplying the goals,  the referees and team managers for their guidance of the teams both on and off the field and lastly the teams for showing good skills and sportsmanship throughout the day.

Congratulations to all those teams who triumphed to win their grades after some very closely fought  games.

Year 4            Hataitai Nga Roto
Year 5            Redwood Robots
Year 6            Ngaio Green
Girls 4-6        Lyall Bay Falcons

Year 4:          Click Here

Year 5:          Click Here

Year 6:          Click Here

Girls 4-6:      Click Here


PSW Football Tournaments 2010

The two Capital Football / PSW Football tournaments for Years 4 - 6 and Years 7 & 8 were held on the 27 April and 4 May, respectively. Unlike last year, the weather was good for both tournaments and the grounds dry, if not a little too hard for this time of the year. A total of 87 teams competed over the two days and  after many hard fought games, the following teams emerged as the grade winners.

Year 4            Brooklyn Strikers
Year 5            Brooklyn Dust Devils
Year 6            Brooklyn Dynamites
Girls 4-6        Hataitai Waiapu
Years 7          Karori Normal Lodgers
Years 8          Karori Normal Locals
Girls 7-8        Marsden

Our thanks to all those who made this tournaments possible, Capital Football, lsland Bay Junior Football Club,Wellington City Council, team managers, referees as well as the players.

For all results:
Year 4  Click Here
Year 5  Click Here
Year 6  Click Here
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