2023 PSW Inter Zone Cross Country Meet  

Venue:  McCalister and Liardert Street Parks, Berhampore, Wellington 

Tues 13 June, ppmt Thurs 15 June

The PSW Inter Zone Cross Country event will be held at McCalister and Liardert Street Parks, Berhampore, Wellington as this is the course that is most similar to this year's Regional Cross Country meet.

Please NB cross country is a Winter sporting activity and therefore athletes should come prepared for the weather conditions.

ALL athletes must wear their school PE or sports uniforms when racing.  This assists each athlete having their placing correctly recorded by their zone recorder.  Athletes are encouraged to wear appropriate footwear for racing, spikes or football boots are permitted.  Please NB there is a sealed path, leading to the bottom McCalister field, with limited grassed area to run down and up.

ALL Athletes With Support (AWS) must be able to complete the Year 4 course unassisted but may have a buddy runner.  Important that the buddy runner wear a high visibilty vest (supplied by their school) to assist with the results and recording process.

ALL athletes who place in the top 10 in their respective race will be invited to represent PSW at the Regional Cross Country Championships at Solway Showgrounds, Masterton.  (click on the Regional tab for more information).

Please NB the PSW Inter Zone Cros Country will only be postponed or cancelled for the following reasons:  WCC close the grounds.  Forecasted weather conditions are deemed too dangerous to run the event for the athletes. 

Postponement or cancellation procedure:  PSW will email the TIC Sport by 1pm Monday 12 June if the PSW Inter Zone Cross Country needs to go to postponement, and by 1pm Wednesday June if PSW Inter Zone Cross Country needs to be cancelled.

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​​​​​​​Click here for starters list (expected athletes) current as at 1:17pm 9 June

Click here for FULL Race results 

2022 PSW Inter Zone Cross Country Races 

McCalister and Liardert Street Parks, Berhampore, Wellington 

Tues 14 June, ppmt Thurs 16 June

Whilst we were unable to find enough volunteers to fully man the course to ensure the safety of ALL athletes thew PSW Inter Zone Cross Country did manage to source enough volunteers to complete on Thursday under relatively good field and weather conditions.  

Sincere grtitude to ALL 30 volunteer officials who came forward on the day.  YOUR assistance was invaluable to be able to hold this cross country event and identify the athletes who will represent PSW at the Regional Cross Country Championships scheduled in July. 

Special mention to Geoff Henry (WHAC), Don Dalgliesh (Scottish Harriers), Ray (PSW) and Chris (Parent from Te Aro School) who came to the park early to set up course with me in the morning and to Alistair Hamilton (Scots College) and Sarah Fountain (SFDS) who stayed afterwards to assist with the course pack down.  Your combined efforts saved Ray, Geoff, Don and I hours of time setting up and packing down the course.

Click here for Race RESULTS 

The top 10 qualifiers for each race will be invited to represent PSW at the Greater Wellington Primary and Intermediate Schools Regional Cross Country Championships scheduled at Harcourt Park on Tuesday 5 July, postponment date Thursday 7 July.

Unfortunately due to the high rainfall experienced in the Wellington Region over the weekend and on Monday 13 June, the PSW Inter Zone Cross Country event will now be held on the postponement date of Thusday 16 June.  

This decision has been made in consultation with members of the Wellington City Council Parks and Reserves team.

Primary Sport Wellington is pleased to advise that with New Zealand being in Orange Traffic Light Setting this should mean ALL PSW Zone, PSW Inter Zone and Regional Cross Country Meets will be able to operate without any additional imposed athlete restrictions and selected Year 4 - 8 athletes will be able to race. 

Athletes and supporters are however encouraged to wear a facemask when moving around the venue but are NOT required to wear a facemask when racing.

Three courses will be in place for the PSW Inter Zone Cross Country meet:

AWS and Year 4's.

Year 5 & 6 

Year 7 & 8


Click here for course maps 

Click here for race programme 

​​​​​​​Click here for list of expected atheltes in race programme order 

2021 PSW Invitational Cross Country Races 

Grenda North Park, Tawa 

Tues 6 July, ppmt Thurs 8 July

As you are aware the Regional Cross Country event has been cancelled.  However PSW is offereing a race opportunity for athletes to gain selection for the Kapiti Association Inter Regional Cross Country Team to compete in Timaru on Thursday 30 September.

Due to the uncertainty of which COVID level this region will be in and for clarity of event planning and promotion Primary Sport Wellington will be offering the opportunity for athletes to race in the PSW Invitational Cross Country Races.  This event will be run under Level 2 restrictions and is open to  Year 5 – 8 athletes and AWS athletes only. 

In order to assist with keeping the under 100 person's restriction ONLY athletes must have qualified from their respective association cross country events should consider registering to race.  Allowances will only be made for the athletes who have completed and paid their race registration fee.

Registrations close 3pm Friday 2 July, click on the link to register your athlete.  

​​​​​​​Click here to view FULL results 

Click here  to view the FULL list of registered and expected athletes

Click here to register your athlete (CLOSED)

Click here for Race programme 

Click here for Level 2 event procedures.  IMPORTANT please read as it has the marshalling points and race information



The PSW Invitational Cross Country Races will be offered and organised under the Level 2 race programme and

planning measures, regardless if this region is under level 1.  Unfortunately, this does mean NO Year

4 athletes will be permitted to run.

Should this region be under Level 3, the PSW Invitational Races will be CANCELLED.

$10 per athlete race fee applies for ALL athletes who attend school’s outside of the PSW membership. 

PSW member school’s please NB the top 10, Year 5 – 8 athletes from the PSW Inter Zone Cross Country event have been pre-registered and are expected to race.

Top 20 places only will be recorded for each race.

Top 10 finishers for each race will receive a letter invitation to be a part of the Kapiti Association Inter Regional Cross Country team to compete in Timaru, Thursday 30 September.

If your child is feeling unwell or displaying flu like symptoms please do NOT come to this event.  Your child may be provided with another means of being selected, as will any Athletes With Support wishing to gain selection for the Kapiti Association Inter Regional Cross Country team.

If you or your child is unable to follow the event procedures put in place then please do NOT register for this race opportunity.

Please NB it would be easy for Primary Sport Wellington to NOT offer the PSW Invitational Cross Country Races and further deny these athletes a race opportunity.

For course map information, please click on the Year 5 & 6 and Year 7 & 8 course maps below as the same courses will be ultilised.

2021 PSW Inter Zone Cross Country 

Grenda North Park, Tawa 

Tues 15 June, ppmt Thurs 17 June

Primary Sport Wellington (PSW) would like to acknowledge and thank the WCC Sports Ground Team for permitting PSW use of Grenada North Park in order for PSW to complete the PSW Inter Zone Cross Country event on it's scheduled day, especially when it had been raining on the days leading up to the event.

PSW would also kike to thank and acknowledge Juan McDonald and Olympic Harriers and Athletics Club for all the assistance with the course set up and use of the pig tails and taping to provide a clearly marked out course for all of the athletes.

Huge shout out to Don Dalgleish and Geoff Henry (Athletics Wellington Officials) who have kindly supported ALL 6 PSW Zone Cross Country and the PSW Inter Zone Cross Country events in 2021.  The use of your pig tails, taping , officiating and assistnace with set up and pack down at these events is greatly appreciated.

Well done to ALL athletes who raced the 3 courses.  There were plenty of exciting races observed throughout the day and congratulations to the athletes who have achieved a top 10 placing at the PSW Inter Zone Cross Country event this achievement means you have earned the right to represent PSW at the Greater Wellington Primary and Intermediate Schools Regional Cross Country Championships.

Tuesday 6 July, ppmt date Thursday 8 July

Grenada North Park  (Refer to the Regional tab for event details)

Click HERE  for FULL Results 2021 PSW Inter Zone Cross Country

Click here for Year 4 and AWS course

Click here for Years 5 & 6 course

Click here for Years 7 & 8 course

Please NB dependent upon which level this region is under will determine the RACE programme that is offered.  Please ensure you take notice of which programme will be run as they are different programmes.

IMPORTANT: If this region is at level 3 or higher the PSW Inter Cross Country event will NOT be able to be offered. 

Click here for race programme under Level 1 restrictions 

Click here for race programme under Level 2 restrictions 

2020 Invitational Cross Country Race 

Tues 8th Sept, ppmt Thurs 10th Sept 2020

Grenada North Park, Tawa, Wellington

Invitational Cross Country Race CANCELLED 

The Invitational Cross Country Race has now been officially CANCELLED due to ground closure scheduled tomorrow.  Please NB these decisions are not made lightly and PSW like every other user group who rely on the fields and parks to be in top notch condition in order to support and organise sporting events, respects and will abide by the decison made.

This event has been postponed until Thursday due to closing of the grounds.  I will advise if the event will be able to be held on Thursday OR if the event will be cancelled Wednesday late afternoon.  

Registrations for this race have CLOSED.  Only the athletes who have registered and/or paid the race fee are expected for this race opportunity.

click here for list of athletes who registered and/or paid the race fee

Due to a decision to cancel the Inter Regional Primary and Intermediate Schools Cross Country Championships ​​​​​Primary Sport Wellington will NOT be leading the organisation of this race and no longer accepts any responsibility for the event.  Instead it will be managed on the day by very capable and experienced officials from athletics clubs and parents. 

Please adhere and comply with the procedures put in place and MOH guidelines i.e. signing in to the event to assist with contact tracing, maintain a 2m social distancing with those outside your bubble and staying within the spectator viewing areas.

The athletes who have registered have the opportunity to race against their peers from across the Greater Wellington Primary and Intermediate Schools, record a race result and the top 10 finishers in each race (able bodied) and top 3 AWAD atheltes will be able to purchase a PSW Team hoodie.  Unfortunately due to the decision to cancel the 2020 Inter Regional Cross Champs it does mean that there is no event for athletes to progress onto.


Due to COVID-19 and level 2 restrictions only the athletes that have been identifed and selected by the respective association are able to register for this race opportunity. 

ALL event information has been emailed to your respective Association Co-ordinator for forwarding to the school that your child attends.  Please check with your school in the first instance if you have not yet received the information as it includes the link to register to race. 

ALL Athletes must register and pay the race registration fee (Race fee is not applicable to PSW member schools) by Friday 4 September.  Failure to register or pay the fee may result in the athelte being turned away at the start line.

Parents and caregivers need to READ the event procedures link below and understand how this event will be run.  NB the races will only be able to proceed if EVERYONE complies with the procedures put in place.  If you are NOT comfortable with the procedures in place or are unable to comply with them, than I respectfully request that you do NOT register your child to race.

Click here for event procedures

Click here for the FULL invited athlete list 

Click here for the programme

Click here AWAD course map

Click here Years 5 & 6 Course map

Click here Years 7 & 8 course map

2020 PSW Inter Zone Cross Country 

​​​​​​​Sincere message of appreciation to the PSW member schools for communicating to the parents and supporters of the athletes the procedures deemed necessary to be able to offer the cross country event this year due to level 2 restrictions.  I realise the additional effort it took to organise transport for the athletes throughout the day.

Thank you to the parents who complied with the procedures put in place and not forcing me to make a call to cancel the event on the day, very appreciated.

This event would not have been possible without the support of many who ALL stayed for the day to assist as volunteer officials either assisting as:  marshalling point controllers, finish chute, zone recorders, start area and course marshals.  30 volunteers were required yesterday.

Special mention to:

Juan McDonald course set up.  He started the process at 6:30am.

Geoff Henry, Don Dalgliesh Athletics Wellington Officials 

WCC Parks Team Lucy Doolan and Sarah Compbell for allowing us to proceed with the event.

Ray Marten PSW and Clint Brandon PSW Chair Governance Group for your support, guidance and encouragement to let me go ahead with the organisation to provide this opportunity for the athletes.

Please NB I will advise the PSW member schools if the Greater Wellington Regional Primary and Intermediae Schools Cross Country Championship event will proceed or if an alternative plan will be put in place.

click here for results 

Yours in sport

Garry Szeto 

Director of Sport 

Primary Sport Wellington 

PSW Inter Zone Cross Country is ON today Tuesday 25th August.


Parents and athletes please be advised of the following:

PSW Inter Zone Cross Country has been postponed to 25th OR 27th August (weather permitting) and subject to WCC not closing the grounds.  School's will be sent the health and safety plan on Monday 17 August, and will be asked to share this with the parents and caregivers of the athletes concerned (look out for a notice from your school).

Please NB PSW is keen to give athletes who have progressed from their respective zone cross country meets the opportunity to race at a PSW Inter Zone level of competition.  HOWEVER in order to be able to comply with level 2 restrictions i.e. public gatherings of no more than 100 people there will be strict measures put in place to comply with government guidelines.  

The PSW Inter Zone will be for athletes and officials ONLY.  Sorry NO spectators and supporters will be permitted on the course.  If supporters and caregivers do NOT comply it will mean all races will be cancelled. 

We can make this event happen IF everyone complies with plan.  A NEW programme will be sent to schools on Monday this will involve a change with the race order.

Parents and caregivers please do NOT email me directly, as I will not have the ability to respond to 500+ separate emails, instead communicate with your school from Monday.

Click here to view REVISED programme due to Level 2 restrictions

Click here for procedures in place in order to run the event under level 2 restrictions.


2020 PSW Inter Zone Cross Country Championships 

Tues 18 August, ppmt date Thurs 20 August 

Grenada North Park, Tawa

Athletes should have qualified through their respective school and zone events in order to attend this tier of competition.  ALL athlete dispensations need to be provided by the respective school directly to PSW and must be approved by the registration deadline midday, Wednesday 12th August 2020.

PSW wishes to acknowledge the support received by Juan, Olympic Harriers for the course creation and set up and Don Dalgliesh (Scottish Harriers) and Geoff Henry (Wellington Harriers and Athletics Club) for their continued support and asssitance with all PSW Zone cross country events with supplying the equipment required to ensure course safety.

Parents and supporters attending this event please scan the COVID-19 posters that will be displayed on the grounds.  This will assist MOH with social tracing measures and identifying any potential outbreaks.  Your co-operation is required and appreciated as this little measure will assist with the continued ability to be able to provide sporting opportunities for all children.

Click here for Year 4 & AWAD course map

Click here for Years 5 -8 course map

A new programme will be displayed 

Yours in sport.

Garry Szeto 

Director of Sport 

Primary Sport Wellington 

2020 Cross Country events 

ALL PSW Zone and PSW Inter Zone Cross Country events have been moved to term 3. 

Refer to calendar tab for the respective event dates for ALL Zone, PSW Inter Zone, Regional and Inter Regional events.  NB the increased number of postponement dates due to term 3 generally being a wetter term.

Zones such as Central and Southern Zones will be sharing the same course on the same day.  To ensure there is NO cross over of zones one will hold their event in the morning and the other zone will hold there event in the afternoon.  The same will apply to the Northern and Tawa Schools at Grenada North Park.

IMPORTANT to note that ALL cross country events will only be able to proceed IF the public gathering restrictions are lifted to 500 people or greater.  If Zone Cross Country events are limited to 500, ALL schools within each zone will have a reduced number of athletes that they can enter.  The revised number of athletes has been advised to the schools within the Primary Sport Wellington membership.  NB If we are under this level restriction this will have a direct impact on the number of athletes and the year levels that will be permitted to race and unfortunately will be a closed event to athletes and officials ONLY permitted on the course to allow for social tracing measures.

This will also have a flow on effect at the PSW Inter Zone and the Greater Wellington Primary and Intermediate Schools Regional Cross Country Championships.  

Click here for possible scenarios pertaining to Greater Wellington Primary and Intermediate Schools Regional Cross Country Championships.  

Click here for permitted athlete numbers for school, PSW Inter Zone and Regional events.

Please understand these are unprecedented times and we are all trying our best to offer sporting opportunities for the children under imposed pandemic level restrictions and guidelines.  These have been put in place to assist with reducing the amount of community transmissions and spread of COVID-19 virus.  It is therefore necessary that ALL athletes, parents and supportersrespect and comply with the event rules.  Failure to comply with event rules may lead to the cancellation of races and it will be the children that miss out.

​​​​​​​2019 PSW Inter Zone Cross Country Championships

This years PSW Inter Zone Cros Country event was held under very testing conditions due a cold Southerly wind that stayed for the duration of the event.  Well done to the 511 athletes who recorded a placing, unfortunately there are a couple of missing results likely caused by parents taking their child away from the recorders table BEFORE they recorded their placing!

Thank you to the zones who supplied the course marshals and helpers at the finish chute area, including zone recorders.  Events of this scale can not be run safely without your assistance.

NB Top 10 place getters from this event are invited to represent PSW at the Regional Cross Country to be held on 2 July.  Exception of AWAD athletes where top 3 will be able to progress and represent PSW.

You need to email me to confirm your place, failure to comply may mean your child's place will be offered to the next runner (refer details in the letter your child will have received at the event).

Date:       Tues 18 June, ppmt date Thurs 20 June.
Venue:    McCalister & Liardet Street Parks.  (Start and finish areas located on Liardet Park)

Congratulations to ALL PSW Zone athletes for your top 10 placing, you are now eligible to represent your respective zone at this event.   Please NB this is the same course as used at the PSW Inter zone event in 2017.  (Refer map below).

ALL Athletes with a Disbaility wishing to be considered for Inter Regional Cross Country team selection must competed at your respective zone, inter zone and finished in the top 2 at the regional event.  A carer must also be available to assist with care of duties for the athlete.

Athletes who place in the top 10 at the PSW Inter Zone event will be invited to represent PSW at the Greater Wellington Regional Primary and Intermediate Schools Cross Country Championships scheduled Tues 2 July, ppmt date Thurs 4 July at QE2 Park.

Any athlete unable to compete at the PSW Inter Zone event due to medical reasons, and wish to be considered as a medical dispensation need to email: primarysportwellington@gmail.com and provide a medical certificate.  Please NB this does not guarantee the athlete will be able to compete at the regional event as I will need to apply for a dispensation which will need to be approved by the regional committee and organising associations.

​​​​​​​Click here Course map

Click here Programme